You've got the IoT magic in you...

Have you ever participated in a contest driven by the open IoT platform on Microsoft Azure?

Well, this is your chance!

Discover here how to earn your own water drops and release them anytime in the IoTtube at the Microsoft booth. And who knows, you could win a cool prize...

Which steps do you have to take to help fill up the #IoTtube?

  • Receive drops by watching the video stream of channel 9
  • The longer you watch, the more drops you’ll earn
  • You can submit your drops whenever you want by clicking on the release button
  • When you hit 100 %, you’ll need to release your drops first, afterwards you’ll start the whole journey again
  • If you are the last contributor of a certain water level, you’ll win a prize!
  • Tip: watch very closely to the webcam to make sure you release your drops at the right time

Now work it!